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The Gross National Debt:

When people gaze upon the rapidly increasing national debt of our country for the first time it shocks them. Those first two numbers at the far left of the debt clock above represents trillions of dollars. A trillion dollars is so large a number, the average person has no way of fathoming its size. It's beyond comprehension.

Surviving Hard Times displays the National Debt Clock of the United States of America here to remind people that only one of two things can happen to eliminate that debt. Our government must either:

  1. Default on its debt (Declare bankruptcy). Or,
  2. Continue to inflate the money supply (Borrow more money).

Some may ask: Why is it that the American people cannot forgive themselves the interest on their debt? It is because the money printed and owed is owned by a private corporation called the Federal Reserve. Their name appears on every paper dollar printed.

So we have no other options. And here's the worst part: Regardless of which option is taken, the eventual collapse of the dollar is a certainty. Washington power brokers do not want to claim default. They want to prolong the inevitable end result for as long as they can. So in order to keep the game alive (avoid default), our government must continue to borrow more money at ever increasing rates, just to pay the rising interest on its debt. This means whatever dollars you hold will only continue to decrease in purchasing power. That is inflation.

We already see prices increasing in the things we buy. What is yet to come is the rapid speed at which those things double, triple and quadruple in price. This is called hyperinflation and is what will happen here in the U.S.A. in the near future.

What Does This All Mean to Me?

Life savings in the form of 401k's, Pensions and Mutual Funds will be wiped out by hyperinflated dollars. What once was considered a lot of money will buy no more than a role of toilet paper. Many people will go hungry. Riots and loss of law and order will be common place.

To help you understand how hyperinflation destroys society, here is a real life example happening right now in the country of Zimbabwe. The value of Zimbabwe's money has collapsed over the past 7 years. In 2003, a package of carrots in Zimbabwe cost $1,000. By 2006 a package of carrots cost $33,000. By 2007 a package of carrots rose to $354,000.

Watch Life in Zimbabwe

We share this video with you to wake you up to what hyperinflation produces. It has happened throughout history, and the U.S. Dollar is destined to experience the same end.

This website was created to warn as many people as possible; to empower them with "how-to" information so they do not have to be victims of the dollar collapse. For people who save money with time honored silver and gold, they will be the ones to survive and prosper in the aftermath of hyperinflation and collapse of the Dollar.


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