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Neighborhood Organization Essentials

Neighbordood organization meetingNo matter where you live, be it in the suburbs, inner city or rural area, you have neighbors. Beyond your own preparedness, the most important thing you can do is to organize your neighborhood for the coming economic collapse of the dollar.

Why is organizing your neighborhood so vital to surviving economic collapse? Look at it this way. Your neighbors are your friends now. The last thing you want is for them to turn on you for what you may have that they do not have in an emergency. Yes, it will come to that for many, but it doesn't have to be that way where you live.

Selfish motives aside, there is a larger humanitarian issue at stake here. We all have an obligation to help as many people as we can while there is still a working economy. Why else do you suppose so much time and energy been spent on making this website available to you?

I wish our way of life and good times would go on as we have always known them. The stark reality is life will change the way we know it in a total economic collapse. The problem is few people have their heads out of the sand to see the danger. They are unaware. They do not know what you know if you have watched our many videos and read our articles. Just as this website now speaks to you, you must speak to your neighbors. You must wake them up from their slumber so they can act.

How to Get Started

First off, if you have neighbors who believe as you that the dollar will eventually collapse, get together with them and form a neighborhood action committee. Be the passion that drives this effort. Work with the people you have to get started and spread out from there.

Set a date to hold a neighborhood wide meeting, write up a letter that tells of the meeting and see that every family unit in your neighborhood gets a copy. Send a copy as a news release to your local paper.

The First Meeting See

Whoever is designated to head up this meeting should present the purpose of the meeting and share the beliefs of the Action Committee regarding the coming collapse. You may want to hold this meeting in conjunction with a potluck dinner. In addition:

  1. An information sheet describing the purpose of this organizational meeting, and sign up form should be handed out. The sign up form is for membership to your group. 
  2. A neighborhood wide and family wide action plan should be presented and discussed. 
  3. Set a date for a follow-up meeting. 

The first meeting will generate many private discussions among neighbors. Some will look down on the effort and some will gladly want to join your group. That's why you want to use sign-up sheets, so you know who you can rely on down the road.

Follow-Up Meeting

Use this follow-up meeting and monthly meetings to help neighbors get their act together. They want to know what to do. So providing them with simple "how-to" information should be the goal.

The Web is full of content, including this website. Feel free to print any of our articles for distribution. Share the videos found on this website at meetings. Here are the specific areas your neighborhood group should focus on:

  • Food & Water 
  • Housing 
  • Money 
  • Security 
  • Communication 

Each family will have different circumstances which will dictate how much they can do. That's okay. What needs to be stressed is to start doing what can be done by way of preparation. The whole point is to take advantage of the time we have now to prepare. How much we prepare is left up to each family.

Having a way to communicate with your group members is essential during any emergency. This could be a simple telephone tree, email messaging, or simply walking to a neighbor to give them whatever needs to be shared. Having this communication pipeline in place is vital in an emergency. Do not take this lightly.


Most of us do not think about all the things that could happen in an emergency. In the case of an all-out economy and dollar collapse, those who have joined forces will be stronger than those who are going it alone. There is strength in numbers.

By organizing a community group that helps as many people prepare as possible, you are helping to keep law and order where otherwise it might fail.

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