How to Survive and Prosper
During The Coming Dollar Collapse...

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Money Essentials

From now until the economy collapses you should focus on two things as it relates to money.

  1. Get out of debt as fast as you can.
  2. Acquire physical possession of as much silver and gold as you can.

Get Out of Debt

The Bible says the debtor is a slave to the creditor. This should come as no revelation to those who are in debt. If this is you, you already know this. So long as you owe money to others you cannot be economically free. During an economic collapse debtors will suffer the most. Those who are debt free and have hard money (silver and gold) will survive and prosper.

Have a Plan...

You must decide who gets paid first and who gets paid last. The mistake most people make is they pay themselves last (if there is any money leftover) and that doesn't happen often. Paying yourself first should be your highest priority. It doesn't have to be much, depending on the frequency and the amount you are paid, so long as you put yourself at the top of the list to be paid.

Whatever you pay yourself, keep that money as cash (preferably at home - not in the bank) to build an emergency fund. Hide this cash in plain sight. For example, use an empty cereal box to hold your cash and put that cereal box up where you keep other cereal boxes in plain sight. A would be thief looks for obvious places people keep their valuables. A cereal box is not a common place that people store their valuables in.

Make a list of everyone you owe money to and prioritize the list. For instance: Yourself, food, rent, utilities, car, medical bills, credit card bills, etc. Now write the number 1 next to the one with the highest priority (Hopefully you put yourself in the #1 position, food #2, rent #3 and so forth. Now here's how to use the list...

You set aside the money as you have prioritized it until you run out of money for this time period. If you have 7 things listed and your money is gone by the time you reach #6 on the list, #7 does not get paid.

If you are paid weekly and pay bills monthly, set aside 1/4th of each monthly amount to that payment.

Stop Spending Money on "Stuff"

Americans are "stuff" rich. When I moved recently, I found over 12 electrical extension cords stuffed in drawers, tool boxes and in places I had forgotten about. That is just one example of what I mean by being "stuff" rich.

Make a determination not to spend any more money of "stuff," unless you truly "need" it. Notice I did not say "want." For example: You may want a new car but you do not need a new car.

Do everything you can to stop the bleeding from your wallet.

Consolidate trips you make in the car to save gas. Raise the thermostat on your air conditioner a degree or two during summer, and lower the thermostat during the winter. Avoid buying those candy bars in the grocery check out line. Drink water instead of pop. Think through your buying habits and decide what's really important from what is not. Stop using credit cards, they are a yoak around your neck. Forget about your credit rating. Credit ratings are for people who live by debt. Remember: Cash is king and always will be.

Remember WHY you are doing all these things so you do not lose sight of your purpose: To get out of debt as fast as your two feet can run.

Buy and Take Physical Possession of
as Much Silver and Gold as You Can

Silver and gold have a 5,000 year history of holding their value during times of economic collapse. Remember: Paper money, without being back by silver or gold is just paper.

Unlike paper money, precious metals have no debt. Precious metals must be mined and refined. They represent production and real wealth. Whatever paper money you have represents debt. In other words, the only way a dollar bill can be printed is to have an equal amount of debt owed against it. That's just two reasons why precious metals hold their value.

Silver is the precious metal of choice to own for 3 reasons:

  • It is grossly under priced
  • It is much cheaper to own than gold
  • The greatest price percentage increase will come from silver

At one time gold was much rarer than silver, but no more. Today, silver is not only a monetary metal, it is a vital industrial metal as well. In fact, more and more, new, industrial uses for silver is why the above ground supply of silver is now much less than the above ground supply of gold. You'd think with all this demand for silver that it would be higher priced than gold, but not so.

The silver market is currently controlled by eight large commodity traders who manipulate and control the spot price of silver. It is in their interest to keep the price of silver down, and they do so.

However, as more and more stock market investors pull out of a falling stock market and put their money into safe havens like precious metals, these eight traders will lose control of their influence on the spot price of silver. When that time comes silver will rise rapidly.

It is our good fortune to take advantage of this manipulated silver market while it lasts. Many believe the price of silver should rise to several hundred dollars per ounce within the next 3 to 5 years. That may seem difficult to believe now, but it is only a matter of time. That time could come soon and happen fast, and if so the price of silver could skyrocket up literally overnight.

What kind of silver should I own?

You want to own the actual silver itself. Many investors own paper silver. That is they own shares of silver on paper. Owning paper silver is not the same as taking physical possession of the metal itself. Why? Paper silver can be defaulted. Owning physical silver cannot be defaulted.

The cheapest form of silver to own are silver U.S. dimes, quarters, halves and dollars minted 1964 and earlier. These coins are 90% silver. They are referred to as "junk silver" coins by coin dealers. When the dollar collapses and people must rely on barter for trade, junk silver coins will be the most widely used form of barter.

The day is coming when a silver dime might buy a month's supply of food. Do not think of junk silver coins in terms of their face value. Think of them as small individual units of silver.

Silver Eagles, Rounds and ingots

Amercian Silver Eagles are legal tender coins made with one ounce of pure silverThe most popular silver coin to own and in most demand is the U.S. American Silver Eagle. Minted by the U.S. Mint this coin contains one full ounce of pure silver and is a legal tender coin of the realm.

Silver rounds and ingots are also popular and come in a variety of weights. However, there are a few drawbacks to owning rounds and ingots. First, they are privately minted, and are not universally accepted like Silver Eagles are. The reason for this is Silver Eagles are guaranteed for weight and purity by the U.S. government.

Down the road should you want to sell an ingot of silver, the buyer may want to run an assay to assure purity before doing business with you. That's one consideration many people overlook. An assay costs money.

On the other hand, junk silver coinage and American Silver Eagles are universally recognized and accepted on the spot.

Whatever the case may be, taking physical possession of silver now will help you in the years ahead. It is interesting to note there is no tax on silver. It is off the grid.


A good place to buy silver coins are in coin shops. Most every coin dealer has junk silver coins and American Silver Eagles they are willing to sell for at or near the spot price of silver. Check this Coin Info websitefor the current bid price of silver and gold coins.

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