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Legacy Premium Emergency Food Storage
Store What You Eat, and Eat What You Store.

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Testimonials Come From Thousands of Happy Customers

I ordered samples from all the food storage companies out there and Legacy Premium was by far the best. Legacy emergency food tastes amazing and the deals are way better!"  Melissa A.

We tried them all and love each one. We will definitely be purchasing at least 6 months worth very soon. These aren't just good as "emergency food" - they're as tasty as everyday food! So pleasantly surprised and happy to have found this....Susan A

We ordered several samples of entrées breakfast foods and sides. Last night we prepared the chili and parboiled rice. For dessert we had banana chips. The entire family and the one guess we had thoroughly enjoyed the meal. Your product is of the highest quality. I actually packed the leftover chili for my lunch at work LOL. Thank you very much....Bruce C

These are top quality meals with excellent flavor. I will be purchasing a larger quantity in the future....Steve T

I have tried many storage products before and this is by far the easiest to use, best tasting and easiest to store and get at. That said, more important to me is the size of the packets, I am a widow so i don't have to worry about storing or using a # 10 can. I have tried several of the samples and with the variety available will use them for other than just storage. Thanks for a VERY GOOD product ....DeEsta G

Very happy with your food, easy to prepare and tast great...Liz W

I am preparing an adequate backup of food and drinks in the event the grocery store supply chain ever breaks. The Legacy freeze dried entrees are very good. With HOT water they are truly outstanding and much better than other "survival" foods. This stove is a smart, efficient and safe way to heat up the water without having to worry about dangerous fumes. I am glad my initial order was for the 96 hours value pack! Highly recommend!!...Dave