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Food Essentials

"In our society growing your own food has become the most radical of acts."
- Jules Dervaes

Food essentials: Stocking up on food in your home is essential for surviving economic collapse.It should be obvious but isn't for most people. The time to stock up on food is before a crisis hits, not after. If you look at the shopping patterns of Americans, we go to the store to buy groceries at least twice a week. When we run out of bread, we go to the store. When we do not know what to fix for supper, we run to the store, and so on.

Have you ever stopped to wonder how life would change weregrocery store shelvesto suddenly become empty? Look at the photo here. It is from a web blog called Becky's Farm Life. You need to start thinking like Becky and her family thinks about food.Becky's family made room and built storage shelves to stock up on food supplies.

It wasn't that long ago that Americans stored food for the long term. The idea of running to the store to buy this or that was a foreign concept to our great grandparents. Today, most people think just the opposite, and it shows in the low food supply they keep in their homes.

The economic collapse ahead all but insures disrupted food supplies. Shortages and empty grocery store food shelves will be the norm. So if you want to eat well and insure your family gets adequate food and nutrition, you need now to begin stocking up.

How to Begin:

Consider your home, apartment, property, etc. Where is there room to build extra shelves to store food? Is there room in a closet to build shelves? Is there room in the garage or basement? Be willing to invest a $100 or so for this project and get to it.

Think ahead. How much food do I want to stock? How many weeks or months do I want my food supply to last if I could not replenish it?

As your budget permits, buy case lots of canned goods instead of one or two cans. Buy food that is on sale.


Knowing the expiration date of all food stored is important to avoid spoilage. As your food supply builds, consume the nearest dated food (food which has the closest expiration date) first, always putting the freshest dated food to the back of the shelf.

To make keeping track of expiration dates easy, buy large peel off labels and write the "use by" date for each food item and stick those labels to each food item. This makes it easy to check "use by" dates from day to day.

Do not think of your food stock as being separate from your regular food supply. You must regularly consume what you stock to avoid losing many dollars invested in your food supply. Think of it this way: Instead of making many trips to the store for food, you are buying lots of food ahead of time to transfer for storage in your home. Makes sense! So stock what you eat and eat what you stock.

Storage Containers:

Food Essentials Food Storage ContainersTo store rice,beans, flour, pasta, etc, consider using food-grade plastic containers. You will want to insert the food into Mylar lined bags and insert oxygen absorber's into each bag. This will slow or prevent oxidation and spoilage, and increase the shelf life of food



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