How to Survive and Prosper
During The Coming Dollar Collapse...

                                                                                                                         Be Ready For Massive Change.


About Jim and Joyce Lynn

Jim LynnLet me tell you something. I can write the socks off telling people about survival and making it through hard times. But when it comes to writing something personal about ourselves, it isn't easy. However, at the same time we understand you want to know something about us. So here goes.

I am a Vetnam Era Veteran, an Eagle Scout in the BSA, a former Air Traffic Controller, Sales Manager, Christian Minister and Foreign Missionary. I currently work as a Published Author and entrepreneur.

Joyce (my wife) and I are now in what some call our senior years. We live outside Palmer, Alaska in the deep woods, on a mountainside, in a beautiful log home. We love the incredible spicy, sweet air here, and enjoy the wildlife that hangs out around our homestead (moose, bears, porcupines, wolves, robins, nuthatches, chickadees, etc.) We are blessed to live in a wilderness paradise, where life is as it always has been. I mean exactly that. Life here remains pristine (Click here to see some of our photos).

Joyce and I are so much alike it's downright scary. We enjoy our free time prospecting for placer gold, and metal detecting. We are what the modern world calls Preppers, although we have never thought of ourselves that way. We simply enjoy the old ways of doing things. We enjoy salmon fishing, vegetable gardening, picking berries in the wild, canning, and keeping chickens and such, to keep our larder full.

My interest in Making it Through Hard Times comes from years of study about money and the history of the U.S. Dollar.  I've watched the buying power of the dollar fall all my life and can tell you this: The dollar cannot last as we know it. The sad part of this is the Federal Reserve System is doing all it can to prop up the dollar, at our expense. The last thing they want us to know is that the dollar is on its death bed. You be the judge. Here's a chart that reveals the truth of it.

The dollar now buys what took one penny to buy in 1913

Look at that chart. The Dollar's value as a form of money is close to zero compared to its value in 1913, the year the Federal Reserve was created. Couple that with our country's national debt, and you have the makings of a complete and udder economic collapse.

The Gross National Debt:

No one knows when the dollar will collapse, only that the day is near when the world banking system and governments will no longer accept it. That day will come without warning. That means...How much your life is going to change depends entirely on how well you are prepared BEFORE the collapse hits.

Our purpose is to educate and warn as many people as will listen, to look truth in the eye and prepare for the inevitable.


Jim and Joyce Lynn