How to Survive and Prosper
During The Coming Dollar Collapse...

                                                                                                                         Be Ready For Massive Change.


How much your life is going to change depends entirely
on how well you are prepared BEFORE the collapse hits.


Making it Through Hard Times Manual

Making It Through Hard Times: The Survivor's Guide to Living in Post Dollar Collapsed America is a "must have," one stop, hard times, preparation resource guide.

The guide offers crucial information your family needs to survive and prosper in the aftermath of the dollar collapse. The guide is so comprehensive, it covers more subjects than what most  people will ever think about. But the information is there, and explains why this guide is fast becoming the standard people are looking for.

Anarchy, rioting and looting after the collapse will be the result of too many people living too close together in an environment that can no longer support them. This is especially true in urban and suburban populations where hundreds or thousands of people live in close quarters.

The guide book devotes two entire chapters on Surviving in the City and Suburbs. It lays out important options, and what the consequences of each will be. The information is hard hitting and specific. But it doesn't stop there.

Don't Panic ButtonWhen times get tough, there is strength in numbers. When banks are closed and food shelves are empty, people living in close quarters  are better off to be organized to work together for their own welfare. The guide book gives you all the information and resources needed to organize your neighbors to work together. It includes downloadable forms and handouts you can use to get your neighborhood organized and ready.

Called Neighbor Keeper, the program encourages, citizen patrols, education, food and water storage, helping one another, and staying connected, organized and informed. Neighbor Keeper is vital to everyone's security living in close quarters.

Here are all the chapter titles...

Chapter 1... Endgane (Deflation - Hyperinflation - Collapse)
Chapter 2... Surviving in The Suburbs I
Chapter 3... Surviving in The Suburbs II
Chapter 4... Home Security
Chaptre 5... Your Go Bag For When SHTF
Chapter 6... Health and Medicine
Chapter 7... Food Storage
Chapter 8... Water Storage
Chapter 9... Suburban Mini-Farming and Gardening
Chapter 10... When The Lights Go Out
Chapter 11... Be Ready To Barter
Chapter 12... Think Self-Emplyment
Chapter 13... Earth Ovens
Chapter 14... Protect Your Savings With Hard Money

The Hard Times Guide, which includes the Neighbor Keeper program, is only $19.97, and includes a 56 Day, no questions asked, Money-Back Quarantee. Click The Don't Panic Button Above to buy.



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